In the spring of 2021 Dawn Co-Skippered the flag ship rowing vessel ROXY for Rannoch Adventure.

You can read the full blogs here:

Roxy is a 12 person Rowing Boat which is currently the largest operational rowing boat of its kind.

The crossing started in Tenerife and finished in Antigua in just 42days.


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Friday Focus

Hi readers,

I'm Dawn and I am helping Charlie lead this expedition. It’s currently Friday 23rd April 2021 and we have about a week left to go, so I thought I would share some thoughts with you.

In 2019 I rowed solo across the Atlantic on a very similar route. Rowing solo was an incredible experience and I never imagined rowing as a crew could compare, however I have been proven wrong.

The sense of accomplishment doing something on your own is incredible, but I have also now seen the value of teamwork and being able to ask others for help and advice. Everyone on board has an amazing skill set to bring to the table so there hasn't been a problem either boat or personal related that can’t be solved.

Friendship is another bonus of a crew expedition - we started the journey as strangers but we are nearing the end of this adventure as life long friends. Sharing experiences has got to be one of the biggest bonuses. I saw some incredible wildlife during my solo row, but only have photos to share, this time I have others to reminisce and smile with when we think of the day a huge pod of whales came to visit us.

As we enter the final week, I will be encouraging the crew to take in every moment. This is a life changing experience and every second of it should be enjoyed.

Look up at the stars at night and store in your memory the amazing light show - you may even see a shooting star to wish upon. Take in the sunset and sunrise - they happen every day of our lives, but it’s rare that we take to time to appreciate the beauty of them. Breathe in the sea air and store the memory for when you need to take time out when back in the real world. Watch the sea birds or, if you're lucky sea life - consider where the animal has been, where it is going and maybe if you are the only human being to have seen them.

Remember that you can achieve great things. Every person at some point on the row may have thought they could not carry on. But carry on they did.